What’s up, T? You are worrying me. Are you not blogging because you have nothing nice to say? When I was in my early teens, my dad told me that if I didn’t have anything nice to say to my sister, I shouldn’t say anything at all. I didn’t talk to her for years. It’s funny the things that stick with you. (Nicole, if you are reading this, I may not be talking to you on a regular basis, but I believe it’s because we’re both insanely busy raising families, and it’s not because I have nothing nice to say. Honest. I can think of loads of nice things to say to you!)

Poor E called last night, and she is having a fantastic time, but she admitted that being the freak she is, she kind of misses us. I think she got a lump in her throat when I put J on the phone. We told her we could come pick her up anytime, but I honestly don’t think she will take us up on the offer. She is only a 20-minute drive away for goodness’ sake. I am slightly glad she didn’t say yes, because that would have added another half an hour at least to my drive to work this morning! That’s how self-centred I am.

I wonder if Costco will have the newest Harry Potter this weekend. Hmm.

Newsflash – I am now certified in First Aid & CPR. I am on a constant lookout for people falling over or clutching their necks, but so far, no chokers or strokers.

I took a bag full of my unfinished knitted items to Knit Club this week, and I weaved the ends in on like 5 projects. Isn’t that awesome? I am nearly finished my hand/wrist warmers, and then I need to seam the underarms of the vest. Then I can begin a new project. I have Alterknits on loan from the library, and there is a pattern for wristlets made from Manos del Uruguay, and we all know how I love me some Manos. And London Yarns just got in a million more colours of Manos!! It’s a dream come true. I wish you could see the wall of Manos – I think you would appreciate it as much as I do.

I should also learn to knit socks. One of my Knit Club friends is knitting socks at the moment, and I have been bugging her to explain the pattern stitch by stitch. I can do it. I can do it.

I don’t know if I told you, but the library finally finagled a copy of Last Minute Fabric Gifts (on my recommendation), and I have it in my hands!! I have everything I need to make a baby crib quilt, but I have changed my mind about the colours, so it looks like another trip to the fabric store. I have whites and pinks, but I believe that yellows and oranges are in order. Did you see Ezra’s Quilt? I could do that. I also need the special quilt foot thingamajig for the sewing machine. I am NOT quilting it by hand. Uh, no.

That’s what’s up with me at the moment. One child, knitting odds and ends, dreaming of Manos del Uruguay, crib quilts on the brain, and the last Harry Potter. My shoes smell like popcorn – and it’s not a good popcorn smell. Happy Wednesday, T.