Notice of Local Improvement

Handmade goodness is also being wrapped up here in southwestern Ontari-ari-ari-o. These are gifts for B's daycare teachers.

Here's the gigantic tree. It looks sparse, but it's not for lack of ornaments. People think I am kidding when I say our five strings of white lights wrap once around the tree.
The mantle with my new ornament - a bird's nest. It's just too heavy for the barely-there tree. Why do they make heavy ornaments???
And just so you know that I read the blog - I have for you a golden tin of shortbread snowballs. You are very correct in saying no one can resist 'the snowball'. I have had to hide them from my dear ones. It's like that story where the mother hen makes cornbread and everyone was too busy to help her, but they're suddenly freed up once the yummy treats come out of the oven. Yeah, I don't think so. They're mine. All mine.

I think it's funny that we posted at practically the same time. And holy moley pile of pajama pants!!!! I am blown away! Good job, my friend.



~RaenWa~ said...

Wow you weren't kidding your tree is freaking huge lol but its so pretty your nest ornament is so cute those shortbread snowballs look delicious...I never thought about using the UPS store instead of the post office I will have to remember that next year for sure Happy Holidays

knitty_kat said...

hmmm, those look good. I hope you can save some for knitting this week! LOL