Where did September go? Do we really only have two and a half months left to finish holiday knitting? I'll probably need to send my presents out at least ten days before Christmas if I want them to make it out to Vancouver on time (it's Toronto for the holidays this year). Getting shipped out west will be these fuzzy bunny slippers for Niece #2 who is four this year.
The pattern is Plush Bunny Slippers from Lion Brand (login required) with some of my own modifications. They seem kind of wide but I showed them to a few people at the lunch table and was assured that they would be fine. One Christmas gift knitted, about a million more to go.


Lori said...

Bunny Slippers!!! so cute!

I really need to be thinking about Christmas knitting... thanks for the reminder.

LaurieM said...

Awwww... They're adorable. But they can't see. Where are ze eyes?

I'm not knitting prezzies this Christmas. Wheeee!!!!

That's a lie, I have one pair of socks that just need toes that will be gifted then and another on the needles. But that's all! No manic knitting for me this year. No siree bob!

Geeze... I wonder how long that resolution will last?

Unknown said...


Lupie said...

So cute! I must look them up.

Montreal Mama said...

Very cute slipper pattern! I hope she likes them.