The Perimeter

While we waited for the roast to cook, my dad took us for a walk around "The Perimeter". My mum made El wear a pair of her runners instead of her flippy floppies (we can't stop saying flippy floppies, and we blame The Lonely Island). Good thing though. I could have sworn that the guy was cutting a trail as we walked, but I have no proof as I was way behind. We even staged a couple of full family shots using my knits to prop up our cameras while my dad muttered, "Mental note. Tripod. Christmas." But it worked, and my sister and I got some excellent shots. And when we returned back to the house, my sweet nephew climbed a cement pillar and chuffed all over the garden. The little guy was alright and smiling ear-to-ear. He's just a puker, that's all. I asked him if he knew it was coming, and he nodded and noted that he was just waiting until he was high enough. Fun times all around. I laughed until I had tears running down my cheeks. People say I'm entertaining, but I ain't got nothing on these people.


OzB said...

Don't you just love fall? Look at the colours - just stunning!

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!