Crossing over to the dark side

After my foray into crochet with the Elizabeth Blanket I decided that I was ready to continue with the hooking. I told this to N, who disapprovingly discouraged me from stepping over to the "dark side" where they use one stick with a hook on the end instead of properly using two sticks. So over the weekend I secretly started on my very first fully crocheted project and by Sunday night I looked down at my yarn and weird hook thing and there was this:
How could you not want to crochet if the fruits of your labour yields such an adorable object? I am in love with this penguin and I am really vibing on how quick crochet is. My thumbs are a little sore after my first weekend of doing this new activity but I've already casted on (does one "cast on" in crochet?) for a little amigurumi ghost. In the beginning when my friend taught me how to crochet I didn't like it. My first project was a dish cloth that was barely rectangular and was quickly frogged. These little amigurumi animals are a cinch because you're just crocheting in a circle. If you haven't crossed over to the dark side yet, I say leave your inhibitions at the door and go for it!
Playing around with the light box...this "prop" is supposed to be an iceberg, in case you were wondering.


Salihan said...

Too cute! And welcome to amigurumi world! I like your lighting and the cute prop. Hehe... thanks for explaining that it was an iceberg! P.S. I'm having a yarn giveaway on my blog. Pop on over if you can. -

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Oh dear! I must admit your little pingu is quite charming as well as your styrofoam iceberg. Will this be a gift for a niece, or is your unicorn in need of a new friend?

Unknown said...

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knitty_kat said...

And way to turn to the dark side!! Nicely done.

Montreal Mama said...
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Montreal Mama said...

How adorable. I've started crocheting myself lately.