Slowly Waking Up

I forgot that I hadn't shown you proof that the sweater is being worn - here it is. The front looks the same as the back. I am a horrible model - as soon as the camera clicks, my face contorts into awkward grimaces and weird jerks. Seriously, I think I make normal faces most of the time. Cameras freak me out. Well, when they're pointed at me. I am a zillion times more comfortable being behind the camera. Regardless, the sweater is finished, and I learned many things - proper seaming techniques and drop-down shoulders are not flattering. Did everyone else know this? I will never knit me a drop-down shoulder sweater again. I look like a quarterback.

Enough about that, I have to hunt down a turkey - preferably a fresh kill since I haven't the time to thaw a frozen one since we would like to eat the bird tomorrow night. This all crept on me a little too quickly when I was reading the Bee's Thanksgiving wish, and all the kid wants is turkey. She's a turkey monster. I thought it sweet until ten minutes later while reading an email from my dad in which he mentioned that my pies would nicely complement my mum's roast beef. EEK!! So off to the market, I must go and find a small-ish turkey to feed just the four of us. This will also be my first time cooking a turkey. I've got Donna Hay beside me to help. I can not go wrong.

Happy Saturday!



LaurieM said...

The sweater looks nice, what I can see of it. :)

If you can't get a whole fresh turkey, you might be able to get just the breast or a leg.

OzB said...

I have of course seen this sweater in person. It's actually a fabulous milk coffee colour and looks great on N. I'm not a fan of drop down shoulders either...depends on the drape of the yarn. Either way, great job! And happy thanksgiving :-)

Fran said...

The sweater looks wonderfully cozy; ideal for walking.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Wonderful sweater! Wear it well!