Let's Review October, Shall We?

:: Carrot tops from Thanksgiving dinner (My first time cooking a whole turkey, and it was a bona fide success!)

:: Same carrot tops three weeks later!
:: My newest favouritest soup - lentil barley vegetable! So easy, and so yummy. Into the crockpot in the morning, and instant dinner in the evening. I like my bowl with a generous dallop of plain yogurt and sprinkled with fresh parsley.

:: And I've been knitting behind the scenes. Mittens. Mainly because it first appeared that the Bumblebee had lost every pair that I had previously knit, but I did eventually end up finding one pair, and that is when this new newfie pair stalled. They seriously just need thumbs. That was two weeks ago.
:: I've also cast on for another February Baby Sweater using a cotton tweed dk in lilac. It's going to be a bit bigger than my first one. I like that it will be easily washed and it is very soft. I need to have this one done in three weeks, so I should really get a move on.
:: On the to-do list today is carving pumpkins and coming to an agreement on a costume. We also need to squeeze in a trip to the library and market. Maybe find a PG Halloween movie to watch as a family.
:: Tomorrow the Bumblebee starts field hockey.


Montreal Mama said...

Wow, another Feb sweater! You must love that pattern!

knitty_kat said...

I wonder if I'd actually cook if I had a crock pot? You always make it look so easy!