Fleece Festival Fun

While it might not be Rhinebeck, my sweet hometown held its first ever Fleece Festival today. It was just the fix I needed. Not to mention, it was being held in the building beside the Saturday Farmers' Market (translation: VANILLA SLICES!!). Yis. I inhaled a vanilla slice for breakfast, and I am SO cool with that. Swoon. It seems weird that no one else was shoving their faces with vanilla slices. I'd like to imagine that the citizens of Woodstock eat them day and night. Seeing as there is never a slice to be found after 9:30 a.m., I'm thinking I couldn't possibly be that far off.

Reason #91 why I shouldn't feel guilty for leaving the girls at home today. This little guy was lying on the floor for a long time. I had plenty of time to find my camera in the bottom of my bag, turn it on, take the cap off, find the setting and focus. People were just walking around him.

I restocked the sock yarn stash and bought some dk cotton for a baby sweater gift that needs to be done by mid-November. No regrets! Hey! Remember that New Order song? Oh lord, I loved that song in high school. Ah, Regret. Okay, I'm off to go play some old New Order/Joy Division tunes and reminisce. Good times.
Happy weekend!



OzB said...

It was a great day indeed!

That little guy looks like fibre road kill LOL!

knitty_kat said...

Clearly he was overwhelmed by yarn fumes!!

elan said...

Ack! I forgot that waas this weekend, poop!

C. said...

Phew! Wasn't my kid abandoned on the floor, I was worried for a sec.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

What fun! That was the same weekend as Rhinebeck!