Another Year Older

Dear T,

We baked you a cake, iced it and sprinkled it with lots of chocolate chips, but you never came.  So we invited a gaggle of teenagers to watch lame movies in our basement and eat pizza and drink pop.  The cat's got the right idea.  I found her curled up sleeping on top of a mountain of clean clothes in the laundry room.  So smart.

How are you celebrating your birthday several states away from here?   I imagine that Mr. T will take you out for dinner - so that you can eat a lot of meat.   Maybe Ikea for a plate of Swedish meatballs?   I can't even begin to guess because you guys are ten kinds of crazy.   You must tell me all about it next week.   Guaranteed you're in good hands.   Happy birthday, mon ami!  Here's wishing that you get everything you wish for and more.



knitty_kat said...

Happy Belated T!

OzB said...

Yes, happy belated T!