EZ #2

The Tomten is finished, and it looks like the Bee is not wearing pants.   I assure you that she is wearing a dress.  Albeit a short dress.  The hair is indicative of just waking up which is definitely the case here.  She likes it.  The Tomten that is.  And me too.  It was a fun knit.   It ate up five very big balls of wool and some scraps along the way.  The construction is ingenius.  The wool and garter stitch makes this extremely warm and cushy and cozy.  I want to make 300 more.  Honest.

What pattern shall I tackle next?  The Baby Surprise Jacket?  A blanket/shawl?  Some fair-isle?  Hmmm.

Happy Sunday!



LaurieM said...

She's an adorably tousled urchin in that sweater! And it's so nice that she has growing room in it. It will wear for many seasons.

Great work!!

Montreal Mama said...

It looks great!

Can't wait to see what you tackle next!

T of Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I need an adult sized one stat! Actually, I could probably fit the Bee's Tomten!