An oldie but a goodie

My much loved and much used kitchen towel has seen better days.  I  haven't gotten around to mending it yet.  It's an oldie but a goodie  and I plan on keeping it around for awhile.  I'm not quite sure how  this towel with its lovely hand crocheted topper ended up in our house  but I do know who made it. Much like her towel toppers, my husband's  best friend's grandmother (did you get that?) was a woman adored by  all who met her.  A woman who was smart as a whip, wise beyond her  years, and full of wit and humor, she was someone who you only had to meet once and you would remember her forever.  I was lucky enough to meet her during her last years.  My husband wanted to tell her personally that we were engaged and he wanted her to meet his bride-to-be.  Even when she was sick she was 100% there and could keep everyone engaged in conversation.  Fast forward four years and although this lovely woman no longer graces us with her presence, her spirit and her memory live on in her family members, as does her towel topper legacy. 

I love the utility of the towels combined with their vintage,  handmade feel.  My crochet skills still leave something to be desired, and they'll never be as sweet as the "original" towel toppers but once the original ones get retired these new ones would be happy to replace them.  I used plain white waffle towels and sewed on strips of scrap fabric that I had from a previous project.  They're a bit more modern looking but I'm hoping that they'll still find a place in the hearts of all of the people who loved the woman who made the towels.

I used this pattern.