Baby It's Cold Outside

Dear N,

The highlight of my day will be taking the car for a wash. Yes, it's sad, however, I do enjoy having the car spotless inside and out. They are surprisingly fast at the car wash I go to. Plus I have a coupon.

Off the needles this week:I've blogged about the sweater before but I have since added an umbilical cord hat to match. It will be a Christmas gift for my little nephew who is simply exploding. I am just hoping that he will be able to fit the sweater by December. My sister has real fat babies.

This is a pair of mittens for the fat baby's preschool sister. I haven't figured out how I should embellish them. They are quite plain as is and think that they could benefit from some applique or something like that. Please pass along any suggestions.
Well, it's off to the car wash. With my luck it will rain this afternoon.