Clapotis Cake

I think knitters everywhere are going to want that buttony scarf pattern including me!! I also think that not having to work during the day allows one to take better pictures. The lighting is most wonderful on those last few shots.

My knitter-y friends dropped in last night, and we gabbed, wound wool cakes, and knit. I could host a million of these little gatherings! I was horrible at winding yarn, but something must have stuck because today I was able to wind up two before B's ballet class without a snag. It was very liberating. Am I the only person that thinks cakes of wool are the most beautiful thing in the whole world? I should have taken a picture of my mantle because it is slowly being taken over by these little bundles of absolute joy!

Here's the alpaca I have chosen for my clapotis. It doesn't look too camouflage to you, does it? Just lie, and say no.

And thanks to Kat's suggestion, we whipped up this little sock knitting bag. On both outsides are pockets. If you lift up that flap, you can throw a pattern and some notions into the folds.

And you can throw your yarn and sock-in-progress into the middle pocket. How cool is that?

All that's left is to run some stitches across the top about a half-inch or so to run some cords through to make it a drawstring pouch. Voila! We threw this together in five minutes. It took longer than it should because I insisted on pinning the seams. Kat laughed at me. It really wasn't necessary.

I hear the Law & Order chimes, so I best be going. G'night.