Roller'coaster' of Love

With the exception of a little playdate, I spent my day getting ahead on my handmade holiday pledge. First up, a picture of my knitted star ornaments using Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern in the Knitter's Almanac. I've actually knitted four of these in no time flat. There are definitely more stars in my future!

Using some old green metal frames that the management was throwing out to the curb, I framed a few of my snowmen sketches. I am liking how these turned out. I may have to keep one for myself.

Then I dug out my cutting mat and ruler, and cut a gazillion little rectangles and squares. Here we are halfway through my project and also illustrating the true colour of my fabric:

Much later . . . 12 patchwork coasters . . . looking a little orange and yellowy - not even close.

I also brewed up some yummy chickpea and pasta soup for dinner. Is it weird to want soup for dessert?

UPDATE: Daylight pictures of completed coasters