Nutrition Break

Just taking a few minutes to breathe and refuel before the last 30 rows of the clapotis. Here's what's happenin'.
I'm eating tomato basil rice soup.
I'm procrastinating on this pair of mittens. These will be a Christmas present for J. I would hope for his sake that he wears them. Not wearing them could constitute ample reason to strangle him.

I am literally on the last lap-otis of the clapotis. And see these ladies below?

London has loads of knitters if you just look really hard for them. They call themselves the Forest City Knitters, and they are an awesome bunch. I say this because the next meeting is a potluck! Now that's my kind of knitters. How did they know that I LOVE to eat as much as I LOVE to knit??? I like the first picture because Kat was trying to show me a picture of teensy snowmen scarves while I was snapping away (see the bottom right-hand corner?). I am great at paying attention, folks.
Looks like I need to get sewing up some pyjama pants of my own! Is that flannelette?



knitty_kat said...

ha ha ha! I was looking at that and thinking . . is that my hand?! LOL

Glad you enjoyed yourself! I bet your looking forward to checking out Lynn's place as well!