I have changed my mind yet again. I've decided on mittens. Mittens for family members, along with flannel pajama pants and probably some other knitted items that I'll knit up on a whim. This first pair of mittens will be for one of my sisters, I'm not sure which one yet, they're hard to keep track of.

The pattern is the Peekaboo mittens from Megan at Pensive Frog for Mag Knits. I've been wanting to try this pattern for awhile now and love the utility of the open palm. I'm a mitten person all the way but trying to find stuff at the bottom of my (bottomless) purse was always a challenge. I probably wont get around to knitting myself a pair until after Christmas. The yarn is Pattons Soy Wool Stripes in Natural Plum. I really like the colour changes.Ever since you sent me the pattern for the stars I've been knitting them up constantly. They finish up really fast and satisfies the need to complete a project. Thanks again for the fun pattern! Here are some of mine, hanging from the geranium plant.Well, off to make some phone calls, then lunch, and then Target. Oh yes, Target.