Fleece and football

Dear N,

Aren't hats the best to knit? They're so fast, there's no seaming, and most of them only require one skein. Plus they keep your head warm of course.

The family and I are watching the big Patriots and Giants game. Well, more like, the family is watching the football game. I am blogging because I have tried to like football and have failed. I'll watch a baseball game or even Aussie rules football any day but American football is just not my thing. My mum-in-law is curled up on the sofa with the little fleece travel blanket that I sewed up for them. It comes in this little pouch:It can be used as a pillow or unzip and inside is:I love the cuddly chocolate brown fleece with the baby blue satin trim. It's a super easy project to whip up for any occasion, really (new baby gift?). I was actually still working on it when the in-laws arrived so I was on the floor in my bedroom attaching the zipper to the pouch but it got done and wrapped and gifted on time for Christmas.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend before you go back to work next week.



~RaenWa~ said...

I am a HUGE football fanatic lol I am glad the Patriots won it was a goreat game your blanket is pretty the brown and blue looks beautiful together