Happy 2008!

Happy New Year to you N! Much health and happiness to everyone out there.

T and I spent New Years Eve curled up on the sofa and toasted in the year with two mugs of Neo Citran. We were both nursing colds and had to decline party invitations. At least we stayed up until 12:00 but were pretty much passed out soon after. Hope you guys had a more eventful and healthier time than we did.

To begin the new year I have casted on for the Lacy Skirt with Bows from Knit Cafe. I have been waiting to knit this since I bought the yarn at Knit Cafe in August. I think I'm a little rusty with my pattern reading because I had to start and then frog it four times before finally realizing that no, it's not the pattern that's wrong, it's me. Beware of those comas that separate a "yo" from a "ssk twice". Ugh.Here I am on the third lace panel. The yarn is Twisted Sister Daktari in Capuccino, which is what the pattern calls for. Did I mention that nubbly yarn is lovely to look at but a pain to knit with?

The sock is coming along, well, actually, let me save that for another post.

Time to take the Christmas tree down. That always makes me sad. Well, here's to another successful year of crafting and knitting and blogging with you, N!