Pepto Sock Round 2

Dear N,

It was as I had feared, socks are hard. Real hard. Especially when your first attempt at knitting a sock is using a pattern written for dpns and you are a magic looper. Pepto sock attempt #1 was frogged and Pepto sock attempt #2 had begun.This time I am using this pattern from Lion Brand. I read it over and it looks like I can knit it using magic loop without having to do too much gymnastics. This may not be the year of the sock for me. One can only wait and see.

I finally got my copy of Fitted Knits from the library and I am loving it. I am all over these patterns. If the LPL has this book, you must immediately go online and put a copy on hold. These patterns are so beautiful and even the most challenging patterns can be knit if you have some intermediate knitting skills and have done raglan increases. There are at least four or five patterns in this book that I am dying to knit. I think I am going to have to see if I can get it for a bargain on Amazon. Loving this little puffed sleeve cardigan from Fittled Knits: 25 Designs for the Fashionable Knitter.

The Raptors game is coming on tv since they are playing the Timberwolves tonight. Go Rapts! Bye for now!



Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Hey T! I checked the LPL catalogue, and Fitted Knits is in the process of being catalogued!! Woo-hoo. A royal hold has been placed!