Lion's Den

Dear N,

I am counting the days until I have to go back to work, and counting the tasks that need to get done before I'm back to having just the weekends to do anything. One task that was weighing on both T and I was finishing the spare room. For about a year it was a catchall for, I guess, "all". The space was not very well used and no one really wanted to spend any time in it. We were forced to overhaul it when T's parents came to visit us and we needed to get a queen sized futon to fit in it and make it a welcoming space for them. Almost another year later and a few trips to IKEA, I am happy to say that we're done and we like it.The book shelf and credenza are both from the Besta line. We chose it because although it's constructed in IKEA's usual mediocre quality, it's got substance and the beauty of it is that it can be added upon with other Besta modules.

The credenza is mine and, not surprisingly, is filled with yarn and craft materials.

No new knitting to report. I am patiently awaiting my copy of Fitted Knits to arrive from Amazon. I shall consider it a birthday present for my twenties slowly slip away. Sniff, sniff.


Montreal Mama said...

Oh, that look so much better! Way to go! I love organzing!