A Teddy Bear's Birthday

Today was Cherry's birthday. According to B, she turned 4 years old. So we naturally did what any family would do, and we baked a cake and lots of cupcakes, wrapped up presents and hid them (because it was a surprise for Cherry), coloured a pretty card, and played party games like Candyland (I won!!!). B drew up quite an elaborate plan for the party which impressed me to no end. Admittedly, I had to kabosh the jewellery heist portion (this involved sneaking into El's room to steal bead bracelets). It wasn't worth the wrath of El. Of course, good times were had, but the batteries in the camera were recharging, and I was unable to capture all the fun. The picture above was taken a week ago when B and Erica Bear made and dressed Cherry. It was super exciting let me tell you!

Below is the pepto pink ribbed sock I started for B. I finished it up an hour ago - the batteries are STILL recharging. B quite likes it and promptly inquired about sock #2. Cripey, it's coming already! Give your poor mum a break!
Have you ever eaten unsalted pretzels? I thought they would still be tasty without the salt, but it turns out they're all about the salt. That's weird.


Montreal Mama said...

That's cute about the teddy bear's birthday!

The cake looks delicious! Makes me want to bake tomorrow. Maybe I will.

The pink socks look lovely - can't wait to see progress of it finished!