A Sustainable Future

I’m warmed by the response to the Newfie Mitten pattern. However, I can’t really take credit for the pattern. I was bestowed this wonderful gift by a local yarn store owner who was trying to spread Newfie Mitten love by copying a scribbley sheet. I checked online, and I couldn’t find the pattern anywhere – especially in the Ravelry pattern database. So consider it a much-loved and worn pattern passed down through the ages, and now stored electronically, never to be lost. It’s a fun knit and considerably easy. I am committed to knitting the next pair in 100% wool rather than the prototype’s 100% acrylic. I can just imagine how warm my hands will be.

I had a most lovely Sunday afternoon with some knitting peeps at the Covent Garden Market despite the parking issues brought on by an onslaught of die-hard hockey fans. Sheesh! Next time I drop in downtown, I plan on being there an hour earlier to guarantee a parking spot. The highlight was a long-awaited pot of Sunday Tea from the Tea Haus. It was very aromatic. We did sample some Apple Pie Rooibos that gave the Sunday Tea a run for its money. My peeps would like to order the Pina Colada tea next time, but I think that’s just dead wrong – why not just get the real thing? There must be a ton of sleazy bars surrounding the market. Oh yis!

I have just discovered a discussion thread on the Canadian Knitters ravelry group titled “Destashing and ISOs”, and I am very afraid. ISOs, I’ve also just learned, means ‘In search of . . .”. Did you know that you can just take advantage of these knitters and score skeins and skeins of beautiful and expensive wool for a fraction of the retail price so that they can make more room in their stashes for more beautiful and expensive wool??? Oh dear. I could buy Fleece Artist merino and silk sock yarn for $15!!! NO! Someone bust my computer now. I can’t take anymore of this.

I am back to birthday planning. The eldest is turning 12 in a few weeks. You wouldn’t believe the hoopla caused already surrounding party planning. She wants only 100 of her closest friends to come over for a gigantically long sleepover, and I am down with maybe 97 less that figure with no sleep privileges. When I suggested limiting the party to FIVE mother-flippin’ hours, she had a meltdown. I’m going to give it a few more days before we revisit that discussion. Good heavens, what a mess!

Must remember to pick up milk and cat food on the way home, or I am in super big trouble.