Top of the muffin to you!

My Ravelry queue is getting crazy and super long! What’s a girl to do, but add more! And to top it off, London Yarns just sent out their reminder about the Clockwatcher’s Sale on January 26! I do NOT need more yarn, but how can I not go? Oh dear. So despite whining that I have enough yarn to last me a lifetime, don’t despair, I will be there.

I have officially joined the Forest City Knitters group. I paid my annual dues, and I am very excited about getting to know these ladies better. I feel very welcome and part of the group already. It could be because I dragged the rest of my posse there as well, but nevertheless they feel like a new-found family.

Rather than continue to ramble on about the mundane goings on around here, I searched out some cool links to share.

- A tiny pin cushion tutorial.

- Bookmarks with vintage fabric.

- Remember these snowflakes that Grace taught us to make for the Winter Celebration Diversity Display?

Happy Thursday!



Lindsey said...

I was having the SAME thoughts about the London Yarns sale! I really don't need yarn, and have been very well-behaved for the few weeks since Christmas....but a SALE, come on! How to resist? I can't wait to see the detailed list of the hourly bargains so I can plan my day. :-)