Alligators and Avocados

Dear N,

I'm back! The suitcases are unpacked, the laundry has been done and groceries bought. It's back to normal for us and surprisingly, it's not so bad. Even though the snow is suppose to come through tomorrow and it's at least 30 degrees (Celsius) colder than Miami was it's always nice to come home. Of course we are leaving behind this:And waking up every morning to this:And avoiding these dangerous yet beautiful jellyfish:But at least I no longer have to come across these guys on a hiking trail in the Everglades:
And I have these amazingly huge avocados still to eat.

I swear these are as big as my face and I would've totally given you one if we lived in the same city. The biggest one that we brought home weighs in at a whopping five pounds and could easily make the biggest mound of N's delicious guacamole ever. So satisfying.

So, Florida was really amazing, especially the Everglades and coming so close to alligators. T and I had a hoot just hanging around and being beach bums all day. You should be happy to know that Pepto Sock also had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the view from our Fort Lauderdale hotel room!