Resolution Evolution

I’ve always been one to make my resolutions mid-January. I start making the list New Year’s Day, but I like to hear what everyone else is doing first. Perhaps it’s because I am cheered on by the gads of resolution makers, and hey, I love to hop on everyone else’s train. I’ve always been more of a follower rather than a leader, and New Year’s resolutions are no exception. Other people’s resolutions are rather inspiring, don’t you think?

So I have come up with a ‘queue of resolutions’ for both T and me. It was always a joint-dream of ours to one day knit socks, and I have whipped up two pairs to date, and T is in the midst of sock #1, so I believe we can scratch that off the list as completed. 2007 was also the year we got drop spindles and wool roving. We have yet to learn how to spin. Spinning makes the queue. Intarsia or fair isle knitting is something else that I have yet to achieve. And next week, I shall have a load of sock-sized Addi Turbos in hand to begin knitting socks on two circs – a new way of knitting in the round. It is definitely a thrilling prospect. T knits in the round using the magic loop method, and I am also curious to learn how to knit that way as well. On the other hand, T can’t knit on double-pointed needles – this is after we hid out in the building and risked our jobs so that I could show her how! I admit that knitting with double-pointed needles was not love at first sight for me either.

2008 Queue of Knitting Resolutions
· Fair Isle/Intarsia
· Socks on Circs (N) and Dpns (T)
· Lace
· Spinning

I believe these are achievable if we put our minds to it, and we have so much more support now than when we started blogging last year. We are going to be even more awesome by the end of this year. Woo-hoo! 2007 was also the year I built up my stash, so 2008 should be the year that I try to make a dent in it. This should be made easier by the mountain of patterns in Ravelry – I just need to key in the yarn, and search the pattern ideas and project list. Easy peasy.



OzB said...

Hey Nadine, it's January and I'm back from Oz, AND you know what that means???

Yippee we're all going to learn how to knit our socks on circs!! Just waiting for those needles to arrive from the UK and we'll be off to the races!

Crikey! SALE on Saturday. Obviously I will be there (hahahaha)