Julie Andrews Ain’t Got Nothing on Me

Things that are making me happy today:

:: Junk email subject lines like ‘chowder wasteland bronx’

:: A burnt brown casserole dish returned sparkling clean – I’m talking a decade of dirt just gone!

:: Crème Brule-flavoured coffee spiked with loads of caffeine.

:: A cartoon cat baby expected to be born any day south of the border

:: Coming to the rescue at the lift with special gloves

:: Eating a nutritiously green and fruity lunch with a room-temp yogurt

:: The prospect of baking and decorating vanilla cupcakes with the Bee

:: Early preparation of Valentine’s Day cards for the littlest’s friends

:: A pile of snow on its way – please feel free to strand me at home for the day, Big Snow!

:: No engagements this evening – instead I get to clean!

:: A long-anticipated hold has arrived at the library. Woo-hoo! Simple French Sewing With a Twist!

:: Hearing hearty guffaws when my co-workers read my emails

:: Spicy cinnamon heart bon bons

:: Pretty desktop wallpaper courtesy of Tess McCabe

:: Homemade spaghetti sauce thawing in the fridge

:: A pile of knitting in front of the fireplace waiting for me at home

:: Getting my grandpa’s telephone answering machine – That guy is too prankster for me.

All in all, it’s going to be a excellent-tastic day!