Dear N,

Tomorrow T and I leave for Miami for a six day get away. So long to the Minnesota snow and hello to the sandy beaches of Florida! We are very excited and will not be bringing the laptop with us on this trip, which is a first. So, my dear N, I will leave you and our readers with some fun links until I return.

This is a cute little tea cozy pattern to try since one of your New Years resolutions is to try intarsia (via Craft Leftovers).

My sister makes this easy and delicious cracker candy for Christmas but who says you can't whip them up for a little treat for the office ladies?

Again, a little late for Christmas but these adorable mushroom ornaments would look equally cute on a potted plant or in little groupings around the house for added everyday sparkle.

Free printable 2008 desk calendar from Blueprint. I hope you find your agenda soon, if not you could carry one of these around in your bag, wouldn't that be funny?

I need to make one of these terrariums when I get back from vacation. Amy over at Angry Chicken got such a lovely one for Christmas.

Off to do some laundry and pack my bags. Thanks for blogging in my absence N!