Mix & Match

I'm finished two socks with my Fleece Artist Basic Merino Sock yarn, but they're not quite a pair. I knit up the first sock in plain stockinette because I was impatient and was lazy, and I ended up very disappointed with it because it simply did not highlight the transitions in the semi-solid gold colourway. I loved this yarn, and it deserved a pattern. I wasn't particularly yearning for a lace pattern after having just finished a pair of monkeys. I love the monkeys, but I wanted to have a knitting project that was brain-numbing easy and a cinch to throw down when I was busy chatting or cooking or sumpin' sumpin'.

So Kat suggested knitting a second sock in a pattern that was worthy of the Fleece Artist, and if I really liked it, I could frog the first and knit it to match the second. Well I love it, but I am feeling lazy again, and would it be absolutely horrible if they just didn't match??? I have so many balls of sock yarn begging to be knit up, and I can live with these. Could you?



OzB said...

Sorry N. I can't validate different socks. I tried, and tried, and tried! I'm sorry...I just like things to match!

But, I love the yarn and I love the patterned sock!

Montreal Mama said...

Nothing wrong with mixed socks, though I prefer mine to match - LOL