The Graduate

It was a big event with loads of hoopla, and my littlest has only a handful of 'little' school days left. I wouldn't have thought I would get a wee bit teary seeing her up on that stage accepting her 'diploma', but she's growing up! And these little friends that she has carefully cultivated are all off to their own big schools. And I am going to miss those special ladies that have watched over her while I am busy typing minutes and attending silly meetings. They have helped me kiss the boo-boos and wiped dry the little tears and hugged her when she needed it the most. They have also listened to her 'matter 0f fact' stories, laughed at her silly faces, and welcomed her into their rooms as if she was one of their very own children. I am going to have to come up with some flippin' awesome teacher gifts. Oh dear.

My favourite moment though, came on the way back to the car. "Mum, you shoulda known that my teacher said no flip flops on the stage." That would have been handy to know when we were heading out the door. What a noodle!



Montreal Mama said...

What's wrong with her teacher, no flip flops! LOL I would have said yes flip flops, but no to crocs! LOL. Any kids wear crocs? I think they are so ugly they're only meant for gardening! LOL

knitty_kat said...

Dude, the kid on the left is growing out of her gown . . even in this picture. She's a freaking giant compared to the kid between her and B! LOL