How My Heart Behaves

Welcome back, T! I am pleased about the green card if only it means you can return to southwestern Ontario to see me with the knowledge that you won't get stuck in some mangy motel and your lawyer's number on speed dial when you try to go back over the border. I truly didn't mean to laugh in your ear.

Well, it's official, I am hooked on Feist, and I can’t help but blast My Moon My Man and make jerky dance movements while driving. I blame it on the video.

I’ve got some new –to-me craft books out from the library, and I am itching to make empire-waisted dresses and shirts out of pillowcases for El. I’d make them for myself, but I don’t quite think I could pull it off as well as a pre-teen. And I may have just caught the Tomten bug. It’s probably the dang February Lady Sweater giving me a bad case of Zimmermania, but I’ve been bitten, and the stash is being rooted through to find the perfect wool to knit this bad boy up ASAP. I’ve read the pattern, and it looks simple enough to be right up my alley.

Last night we took the girls to the circus to cross that off our parenting to-do list. Neither J or I were too excited, and to say the oldest was dragged there would be putting it nicely. On the other hand, B was thrilled! Thrilled all the way there, and thrilled during the entire show. At one point in the show, a scantily-clad, somewhat skanky, and very sparkly princess fairy lady led six stunning white horses with little wings attached to their backs into the ring, and they seemed to be gliding and magical all at once. The stadium went silent in awe, and B gasped, “Unicorns!” I looked over at her, and she had went completely still, and her eyes were as big and round as saucers. My heart swelled with love for that little girl. She is so flippin’ cool.


kataish said...

She IS so flippin cool. What a good kid!

Unknown said...

Tomten is my fav gift sweater for a new baby! I like it much better than the baby surprise.

OzB said...

I'd never admit to this out loud, but....I like Feist too! Legs and arms just start shaking on their own!

I love that February Baby Sweater pattern!

Unicorns?? Here in London?? Oh now that really is magical!