Morning Sunshine

It's a bit chilly outside today, but so bright and full of sunshine. Puts a big smile effortlessly across my face and a spring in my step. I've finally succombed to turning the heat back on in the house despite this, but I felt it was needed when - gasp! - my hands were too cold to knit. The wool blankets have been unearthed and are at the ready. It's nearly hibernation time. Is it silly that I've saved up a good amount of vacation time for the deepest of wintry days? I would adore a job that required working through good weather and staying inside all cozy during the bad. Now that I think about it, I have a dear friend who does just that. However, I am accustomed to a 7-hour work day and couldn't possibly imagine working from sun up to sun down for three-quarters of the year - even if it meant working for myself. I'm lazy like that. :)
I finished the sweater, and I already have two more projects nearing completion. Plus I've been sewing again! Pictures of my recent craftiness to come as soon I am able to time daylight with being home.


OzB said...

[big smile] awww, it's ME. I'm the friend!

And as much as I love staying indoors all winter [yippee!], it's hard working 7 days a week all summer when I'd rather be at the beach or park or playing with my knitting and friends.

I don't like the cold - not one little bit. So I suppose this is a good type of job for me!

Montreal Mama said...

Love the photographs in this post!