A light at the end of the box

Where has the time gone? I realize that it has been 2010 for two weeks already but I was only just getting used to 2009. And why is 2010 crawling by so slowly? Maybe it’s because of the -20 degree temperatures we’ve been having or because I have work up to my eyeballs after returning from the holidays or perhaps it’s because I’m feeling drained, both physically and creatively. After the knitting whirlwind that made up all of December I don’t know if I have energy for another stitch for awhile, yet I miss knitting. Does this make sense?

Similar to N getting her fancy, new and very awesome camera, I too got photo equipment for Christmas. This REAL light box arrived this week from my FIL. He and I are fellow gadget geeks and I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but my husband sometimes tells me that he married his father, which is weird yet true. And the reason why I call this a real light box is that it will be replacing the plastic bin and random desk lamps that I’ve been using as a makeshift light box. This thing is fantastic and folds up into a flat pack that holds the two lamps that comes with it and the camera tripod. I'm still playing around with this but the options for different backgrounds and little, tiny sets is very exciting. Maybe this is just what I need to get the creative juices flowing again.

Random shot of crocheted peas.


Salihan said...

I'm a GREEN monster now! I'm envious of your awesome light box. The photo looks great! Can't wait to see your future photos. -me@salihan.com

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I believe I will have to look into a light box. That is one sweet set-up!

Cute peas - even if they are crocheted.

Wendy said...

yikes - i love the crocheted peas!!