Little Ditzy's

Remember in the 80's when "cross border shopping" was the cool thing to do? I guess going over to the U.S. to shop is still a fun activity for Canadians but it doesn't have the same popularity that it had in the 80's. I remember crossing over into Houlton, Maine with my mom every once in awhile as a child. It was not the Guess jeans that I was excited about, or the over-sized Chip and Pepper t-shirts, it was the food that we couldn't get in Canada that I really looked forward to. America had different fast food chains, chocolate bars, and most of all, different snack cakes. In the town where we lived we did not have access to a certain snack cake brand with a little girl on the box in a straw hat. Those were my favourite and if I was lucky, we would come home from a trip across the border with a box or two.

Store bought snack cakes were a treat for the kids in my family because we usually only had homemade and the grass is always greener (or sweeter and more artificially flavoured) on the other side, right? So over the weekend I decided to indulge in my nostalgia and also make my mother proud by making my own oatmeal creme pies. These turned out much tastier than how I remembered the store bought ones tasting and although still full of sugar, these contain a lot less preservatives and other unpronouncable substances. The recipe that I used is here. So even though I now live across the border and can have as many snack cakes as I want, I think I'll stick to making them myself.