The Bee and I went on a photowalk on the weekend, and a good time was had.   Somehow we ended up at the playground.  Surprisingly, playgrounds are as fun if not 'funner' in the winter.   And although I have no pictures to prove it, I am slowly learning how to crochet, so that my dear friend is not alone on the dark side.  I really just want to make a ziggity-zaggity throw blanket in crazy stripes.  I believe that once I accomplish this, I shall have 'it' out of my system.   Any bets?



Montreal Mama said...

Ah, I don't miss the cold. Too bad I have to come home to it today.

knitty_kat said...

That. picture. is. awesome!

Unknown said...

Great pics, it is always in your system, the it just changes