About two years ago, expiry date tags came up in conversation three times in one week, and I took it as a sign that I should never throw one out ever again.  Up until recently, I had been throwing them into a kitchen drawer.  Over Christmas, I cleaned out a bunch of drawers, and I was thrilled with my tag stash.   They are now being displayed in a pretty bowl.  And that's why I am dangerously close to becoming a hoarder.  Ironically I think I was cleaning out the drawers because I had stayed up late the night before watching that dang show, and I was scared silly when I looked away from the television, and my eyes were met with piles of knitting, crayons, polly pockets, books, blankets, and cereal.  Okay, maybe my house doesn't stink of rotten food yet, but these things take time.   I am clinging on to little pieces of pastel plastic!!!  Oh dear.  I'd say I've lost my marbles, but there's a whole 'nother bowl for those.


Montreal Mama said...

I oddly collect those tags too! They're in a container though. You know, they're great for yarn ends...!

I know a lot of crafters/knitters that use bread tags to wind spare threads and yarns on. When you don't want them dangling from your project!

My eldest just started with the marbles, and I can't believe how many we have as well. Do you display yours in a nice see through glass bowl?

~RaenWa~ said...

I was going to say the same thing about using the tags as bobbins for light weight yarn.

I think the only thing I have a huge collection of is and oddly enough it isn't yarn its beads lol.

Lupie said...

I watch that show as well and start throwing stuff out at the end everytime!
That's a good thing.

Unknown said...

I have large containers of marbles - 4 generations of boys worth - I display them instead of plants - marbles aren't killable!

Lori said...

My mom always had a container of bread tags in her junk drawer so I always kept them too. Then after she died and we were cleaning out her house my brother told me about some of the stuff he had found in the basement. He said he found bread tags and I wasn't surprised. But then he explained it wasn't just a container of them. He found 2 ice cream pails full of them.

I'm nervous about my tendency to hoard. I need to clean out my apartment at least twice a year and get rid of all the "why did I keep THIS" stuff.

knitty_kat said...

If you start losing them, I'll pick them up behind you.

Thanks for the fun weekend!