What I will remember about this day:

Your little sister badly wanted to buy you a fish named Chuck Norris.
You watched Avatar and declared it 'epic'.
You had a fit when we tried to make you eat dinner with the little kids.
You cleaned up in the money department 'cause you're saving up for a trip to Quebec.
You surprised your grandparents by ordering an iced cappucino for breakfast in February.
You told everyone you were making a film about a massacre for school.
You got underwear, and we all laughed.
I wrote on your facebook wall, "Happy Butt-day!"
And to top it all off, we got you a rainbow cake 'cause Costco doesn't carry robot cakes.

Every day you are still alive and breathing is another day I chalk down to my success as a mum.  When I had you, I was so flippin' anxious that I wouldn't water you enough or give you enough sunlight.  You are my biggest accomplishment, my dear.  I have a feeling that these teenage years are going to be a breeze!  I swear I can hear laughing.  Nah. Must be my imagination.



knitty_kat said...

LMFAO! I can feel the loving glow from here. Glowering that is. I hope you saved me some cake!

Kanna said...

Awww such a touching reading in the morning. Congratulations E and congratulations to you, N! You indeed did a great job!

Montreal Mama said...

Where in Quebec? Montreal? LOL

WOW, 14!!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday kiddo!

Teens are tons of fun. When they're not acting out so that you want to throttle them....

T of Balkan Style Bloggers said...

Love the rainbow cake! I am sending you a lot distance pat on the back---you did a great job!

C. said...

So sweet. :)