Another Week Bites the Dust

We've been busy.  I guess no more than usual, but I'm still grateful that it's the end of yet another work week and the last day of school before March Break.   I have finished an EZ blanket that will suffice as a baby bear blanket for the Bumblebee.  I should know this well by now that knitting with acrylic will disappoint me in the worst way because after knitting on this blanket nonstop like a fiend and with plenty of excitement, I cast off the hundreds of stitches to find myself with a tiny puckered diamond-shaped blanket.  I can't block it because of the acrylic.  I will take some pictures of it wrapped around a doll as evidence of another completed pattern eventually.  It's not a complete loss.  I re-learned the reason I prefer to use natural fibres, and it's definitely not because I am a yarn snob.  And the Bumblebee likes to spoil her bears with gifts, so we'll wrap it up, make a cake, and have a party for maybe Flower Bear or Erica Bear.

One of the highlights of our week was attending a free doll-making workshop at the library.  We made the Waldorf gnomes pictured above.   So much fun!  If you are from these parts, you should check out all of the other free workshops that are happening over March and April.  They are being offered through the Handmade Festival project.  We've already signed up again for the upcoming embroidery class.  I'm also interested in the salve-making.  Then in May I've rented a table at the Handmade Festival, so I really should be concentrating on making like crazy in order to have crafts to display!  I may need to put the EZ project on hold for a month.  Eek!

And because I should really be concentrating on the craft table and the EZ project, I am working quite steadily on a pair of purple cashmerino legwarmers for the Bumblebee.  They're mindless and almost done.  Really.  Then I'll get to work.  Promise.



Lori said...

Cute gnomes!

Too bad about the blanket. You could try blasting it with steam. I have had some success (not always consistent) with blocking acrylic using a lot of steam from the iron. The results aren't quite as pronounced as blocking wool, but better than nothing.

C. said...

Damn you and your pretty cables. I may be calling you crying in the near future.

You selling stuff at the Fest? Or just displaying? My bank account needs to know.


Montreal Mama said...

Ick... you said the dirty "no-no" word (ACRYLIC!)

Good girl for remembering why you like natural fibers!! :)

~RaenWa~ said...

You make cables look so easy I have only done then once but want to try again soon. Those dolls you made were so cute sorry about the blanket.

Megan said...

Pretty color- I love that purple! Cashmerino- what a lucky girl!

knitty_kat said...

Those gnomes are soooo cute! Which one is mine?