Monday Funday

We were making more gnomes to add to our collection when I soon realized that the glue was not adhering properly.  So gnome-making stalled, and the outdoors beckoned to us to strip off our jammies and get dressed.   A walk to the park was in order.  And when we were finished with that park, we headed to another park.  We're park hoppers.  I think this would make a sweet rapping ditty.  Later.

Let's get this over.  Here is my February Square Blanket  - the third project in the EZ throwdown.  I used Bernat Cashmere (which is a blend of a teensy bit cashmere and mega acrylic).  I started with 8 stitches, then I doubled those stitches, and then I did 8 increases every two rows.  This was great tv knitting, and when I thought it was big enough, I did about an inch of seed stitch while continuing to increase, and then I cast off.  It's soft and cuddly and perfect for a doll blanket.  If I did this pattern again, I would use wool and a bigger needle.  It'd make a great car seat blanket for a baby too.  That crazy dimple-y pucker going on in the middle is driving me batty.  Must.  Look.  Away. 


PS.  I thought it was cute this morning when I looked in the Bee's knapsack and saw four giant scrolls with her name written very large and our phone number tied with ribbons.  I no longer thought it was cute after thirteen four hundred giggly random phone calls.


Montreal Mama said...

Sounds like it's fun to be park hoppers!

Great blanket! I need to do more EZ patterns.

Giggly phone calls...! I'm sure I'm going to have lots of those coming when my boys get older and girls start calling...!

knitty_kat said...

You and yer nipply blankets woman! How long will it take to block this one?

Psst!! I've got blocking wires!! =D