Friday Night Sights

I need to swatch for my EZ Project #4, but while I get my butt in gear swatching, I have been slowly working a row here and a row there on my Lacy Baktus.  I am using Knitpicks Palette from the stash in a nude colour.  I love how it is super squishy and drapey and light - perfect for warmer weather that is bound to arrive shortly.   And it has occurred to me that our Easter decorations have not been unearthed from the basement yet.  I will add that to the list for this weekend.

Happy Friday night!



Montreal Mama said...

That's a nice shade the nude color. Can't wait to see what it becomes!

OrangeHeroMama said...

Hey N!
I forgot to ask you where you got the bodies for the gnomes from(??)