Spring Crafting

My sistah and I had a mega-crafting day yesterday from dawn to dusk.  It was insane the amount we accomplished.   This morning, I am a little hung over from the pomtini we shared and all the laughing that ensued.

While she worked on a quilt, I started and finished my first ever crochet project - a simple crocheted headband using some dishcloth cotton from the stash.  I am still working out some kinks in my stitches, but I'm still learning.  And the teen loves it.  She's not going to admit it, but she wore it for the rest of the day, I caught her smiling, and she took pictures of herself when I wasn't looking so she could show her friends.  Yeah, I'm certain that she loves it.

The bunnies in the glass canisters were my sister's idea to make - she saw them in a Martha Stewart magazine or something.   We got everything from the dollar store, so we're pretty sure that the chocolate will taste like crap, but they look really sweet, right?

Happy Sunday!



Montreal Mama said...

What a great headband! Lucky girl!

~RaenWa~ said...

I need to get on learning to crochet. The headband came out very cool. I am sure she will be bragging to all her friends that her mom made it. Cute idea for the bunnies hopefully they don't taste bad.

Jessica Lynn said...

You girls are ambitious. Very cute headband.Be careful-- crocheting is addictive ;-)

Those little chocolate bunnies look like easter in a jar. Love that idea!

I made the crockpot sweet and sour chicken last week. Yum! Thank you for sharing that recipe. I definitely will be making that again. I love my crockpot. I could write an ode to the crockpot. It saves the day when I just don't feel like cooking.

Adrian said...

Hey T! You won the baby booties at theoatsnhoney blog. Give me an address to send them to. Congratulations!

Megan said...

Cute! I've been eyeing the popular crocheted headbands that look like that but with a flower.

I know my sister likes something I've made her when she takes a picture of herself and makes it her facebook profile picture. ;)

Sounds like your work was a hit as well.