March Onward

Just so you know that she eventually got dressed and brushed her hair.


PS.  T, just so you know, I have had a tiramisu blog post in the works for some time.  I must have taken 30 gazillion pictures to document the five minutes it takes me to whip one of those puppies up.  I promised my peeps!  I didn't make up no stinkin' cheese, and I used some old coffee that we didn't get around to drinking, and my ladyfinger cookies were from the flippin' store.  And then you go and document that sweet extravaganza yesterday, and I nearly fell off my chair.   How does one compete with that?  But maybe we're like those style mags where they show one "High" design, and then they show the "Low" design.  Both are always stunning.  I'll be the "Low" (for effort and skill), and you can be the "High" (again for effort and skill).  What do you think? 


Megan said...

Your daughter is so beautiful! Your posts make me excited to have kids!

Unknown said...

LOL - #2 down. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. How 'bout a snail?

And, if you think yer baking is low, what does that make mine!!

Montreal Mama said...

I have given you an award on my blog:

Have a nice day!

Great jacket! She's so cute in it.