Revolt of the Taste Buds

I got the Spring 2010 Kraft What's Cooking magazine last weekend and was drawn to the vanilla almond strawberry tart.  It looked very pretty.  Appearance-wise, this dessert is a ten.  But I would have liked the graham crust a bit sweeter, and I should know by now that I don't like whipped topping in a plastic tub.   Add this to the list of things I knew I didn't like so changed, but forgot and was quickly reminded.  This list includes knitting with acrylic, shopping in malls, and Aunt Jemima.  I've been whipping my own fresh whipped cream for several years now.  I love freshly whipped cream.  But this recipe called for whipped topping from a tub, and since it was being incorporated into the vanilla pudding, I didn't think I would taste it that much.  Turns out I can taste it from a mile away.  And not in a good way.  So next time, I would substitute this vanilla whipped topping with a good ol' fashioned vanilla custard made from scratch.   This is a case in point for slow is better. All things come to those who wait.  Lesson learned.  Again.


PS.  This is not to say we did not eat it.  'Cause we did.  We are weak in the presence of pretty food however horrible it tastes.  Plus a part of me wanted to prove that it wasn't as bad as I describe it.  After eating half the tart, my opinion remains the same.  Bleh.


Pancake said...

Ohh I completely agree! I like to look through the book but all the processed products they want to sell you (Boxed Stuffing..ewww), ruins any hope of them tasting good. We'll be waiting for the new and improved recipe from you!!!!

Unknown said...

homemade is always so much better, please post your redo

Montreal Mama said...

Oh, it looks soooo delicious.