Happy Earth Day!

Happy 40th anniversary Earth Day! Celebrate and help our planet by:

- making a planet earth shaped cake.
- replacing store-bought cleaners with your own homemade ones.
- designate one day a week and eat no meat. Check out Meatless Monday for recipe ideas.
- check the air pressure in your car tires since low pressure reduces fuel efficiency.
- plant something or visit your local farmers market for your produce instead of going to a big box grocery store.
- bring reusable grocery bags to the store with you or make your own out of old t-shirts.
- visiting your local library.
- wash and reuse plastic zip-top bags and make an easy bag dryer to hang them on.


knitty_kat said...

I will leave the awesome cake creations to you! Check on everything else . . but the bag dryer - neat!