We've stamped brown paper lunch bags with some botanical doodads and purchased black raffia string to complement the black ink.  These will serve as our bags for the small fiddly items at our upcoming craft table.  This was a simple project when we could no longer bead another earring.  I think it adds a dash of pretty while not costing us an arm and a leg.  There's a hole puncher hiding in there somewhere too!
And the goodies for inside the bags include these sweet magnets we whipped up using my huge stash of buttons and my sister's scrapbook supplies.  I admit we got a tad competitive.  Mine are the pretty ones. :) Of course.



OrangeHeroMama said...

oooh! love the the button magnets...NEED to check out that sale! :D

*do NOT forget to remind us all closer to the date please! :D

Montreal Mama said...

I love buttons!

Great idea stamping the bags. They're really nice now, instead of boring paper brown!

Sandbox said...

Those magnets are beauties!! Love the brown bags.