Want to Make a Scarf to Match Your Newfie Mittens?

We just received this request on the Newfie Mitten pattern post:

"I made a pair of these for my aunt and she loves them. She wants a scarf to match! can you post a pattern for a scarf to match? thank you."

That's easy!  No need to make a pattern because it's pretty much already out there.     You can find the pattern free here!  You'd be basically just knitting a super long dish cloth!  Just keep repeating the pattern until it's long enough to wrap around your neck one or two times, and cast off.

That felt like the laziest answer, but that's it in a nutshell.



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The link for the matching scarf did not work. I tried searching for the pattern it was supposed to bring me to called Ballband dishcloth but it doesn't really look like the Newfie mitten pattern much at all. Any other suggestions?