Happy Easter

The littlest has hunted down all the chocolate-filled Easter eggs (she's shaking down her big sister for 25 dollars for finding her share), and the eldest is already dressed for Easter dinner at her boyfriend's house.   I guess it'll just be the Bumblebee and I for the rest of the day as J is heading to bed after working all night.  It's looking to be a nice day, so I think we'll head to the lake.  I'll take my knitting and camera.  The Bee can bring along her super secret ninja pet and a bag of chocolate to stave off any hunger.   Oh dear, skipping rope in the living room makes a lot of noise.

I'm trying to decide on a colour scheme for the fairisle yoke.  I'm doing my best to avoid going yarn shopping.  The pale pink is already out of the running although I still like it.  And the tan has been replaced by a truer cream wool.  The peacock-y teal, and the chocolate brown are definite choices.  Any suggestions out there?   The body of the seamless sweater is coming along swimmingly.  I've even managed a few short rows across the back with only one little noticeable snag.   That counts as success.  Once I have the body and the sleeves done and before the yoke is knit, I plan on dropping a stitch under each pit down to the garter-stitch hem and then picking them up with a crochet hook for phoney seams.  I'm going to learn so much with this project!  I'm so excited. :)

Happy Easter!



Montreal Mama said...

I like the colors you chose for the yoke.

Sounds like you had a great Easter weekend!

25$! Wow that's quite the number! Smart girl!