Back on the horse

The presents have been opened, the turkey eaten, and the pants have been let out.  Christmas is officially over.  We were so blessed to be among family and enjoyed being with the nieces and nephews, who really make the holidays fun.  We dearly missed the family members we could not be with but look forward to spending some time with them in the new year.

I was able to get most of my holiday crafting done, including a few of these "I Spy" bags for the littles.  This one was for the three year old nephew.  He liked poking the bag and watching the items pass across the plastic window.  I took a picture of all of the contents of the bag and then listed the items on the other side.  These toys took no time to put together.  The only difficult thing was finding 30 tiny things to put inside.  
The long awaited Tomten was finally completed on the flight to Seattle and the zipper sewn in in Vancouver.  You could say this was somewhat of an international project.  I liked how it turned out and knitting it was a pleasure.   You gotta give it to EZ for her smart patterns.
I've already been poking around on Ravelry for new projects to start but I'll wait until after New Years to begin Christmas 2011 projects.  Knitters can never begin too early, right?



Sarah-Mae said...

Christmas 2011 knitting already?! I am impressed and inspired!

LJ said...

I love your eye spy bag!

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Great eye spy bag!