Marshmallow world

This is the "marshmallow" that appeared outside of our window during Saturday's worst storm since Halloween '91.  We got hit with over 15 inches of snow!  Pure madness but  it was actually kind of fun since we had nowhere to go and I stayed in my pajamas all day.   After the blizzard finally subsided, the car was dug out.  This is where our car was.
A car shaped snow bank.
The sun came out and although there are snow banks as tall as I am, we got out unscathed, which is more than can be said for some (yikes!). 
All is calm.


debbiedas said...

And there is more coming down as we speak...another 40cm expected by tomorrow afternoon. YIKES!

Beautiful house, btw - Old North?

Firefly said...

OMGosh! It's beautiful, but I can't imagine getting that much snow. Here in Texas, we all fall apart if we get 10", and that happens once in a blue moon.
Merry Christmas!

OzB said...

We're getting bombarded with snow again in London, Ontario!

Stay warm T :-)