Party Down

 Sleeping in.  Check.

Big ol' cup of coffee for me.  Check.
 Hanging with her favourite cousin.  Check.
 Clown?????   CHECK!
 Crafting ornaments with ice cream cones.  Awesome check.
 A decorated tree.  Not ours.  We're deferring that one until tomorrow.
Verbally telling Santa she wants an ipod touch.  (Letter has been mailed - but she's still not getting one.) Check.
Sneaking in her one glass of pop for the month. (Please ignore what I think may be my Grampa's beer bottle in the bottom left-hand corner.)  Check.

Home safe and sound and high on sugary pop and chocolate balls and molasses crinkles.  Check.

Happy? Check.



OzB said...

Do I love reading your blog?



LaurieM said...

Wow! You sure are gettin' er done!

I have yet to deck my halls...

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Ipod touch, eh!? Dreaming big! :) (I'm dreaming big for my next bday, I want an iPad. LOL.

Great photos Nadine! I keep meaning to ask - what camera are you shooting with?