Pi Shawl Progress

Popping in to say hello!  I'm still very much consumed by this shawl.  I'm two-thirds through the third part, and I'm eager to double my stitches and start in on Part 4.  At this time, I'm ignoring housework, cooking dinner and the children.  The children are surprisingly happy to be doing their own thing - the littlest is cutting up empty cereal boxes and constructing what seems to be a hamster mansion with a wild disco theme.   I bet you wish I had taken pictues of that in place of this cream blob.  I promise it gets better. :)



OzB said...

The shawl blob is looking great N :-) I'm sure everyone can fend for themselves for a day while you knit like crazy LOL! Now I'm so curious about the Bee's cardboard construction ... heheheh

Anonymous said...

Very pretty - can't wait to see it finished.

knitty_kat said...

Just come up for air now and then will ya?

HA! My word is inches. How did they know it's still coming down . . .and your shawl is growing by inches?

Pie for the Eye said...

It's beautiful so far. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Hamster disco mansion sounds fun! I'm certain my girls and your B would get along like peas in a pod.

Knit and Purl Mama said...

Hello back!
Great looking progress!